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WRITE HORIZONSwriting / editing / consulting


Write Horizons offers a variety of professional writing, editing, and consulting services. Below are brief descriptions of some of our primary services. For more information, please contact us or visit our About page. You may also view a client list.



Writing services include extensive projects, such as book manuscripts or curriculum development, as well as smaller writing efforts (book proposals, articles, website content, and blog posts). 



Editorial services span larger projects, such as book manuscripts or academic articles, as well as smaller projects and proofreading.



If you need help developing a project, Write Horizons provides consulting services. We can evaluate your project, provide constructive feedback, and offer specific suggestions for improving your content.


Book Summaries

Write Horizons provides book summaries designed to condense the key points of a book into a short, accessible document.


Other Services

If the service you require is not listed here, please contact us to learn more about what Write Horizons offers. For instance, in addition to writing, editing, and consulting services, we also provide research support, speaking and teaching on select topics, conference workshops, and more.





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